Tamer Hosni - My Eyes Love You / تامر حسني - عيني بتحبك

Tamer Hosni - My Eyes Love You

My eyes love you
And my heart loves you
And my embrace hugs
What does this leave?
You're with me and I miss you
I still miss you
My darling just tell me what does this leave?

What does it mean when all my words remain in your history
What does it mean when I remain living not see anything but your image
And my voice does not utter anything but your name

What does it mean that whenever I go somewhere I see you beside me
What does it mean when your love has taken my heart, mind and soul
In my whole life I haven't found myself except when you're in my embrace

تامر حسني - عيني بتحبك

عينيا بتحبك .. وقلبى بيحبك .. وحضنى بيضمك .. ده يبقى ايه ؟
معايا وواحشنى .. بعيد بتوحشنى .. حبيبى طب قولى ده يبقى ايه ؟

يعنى ايه لما كلامى كله يبقى فى سيرتك ؟
يعنى ايه لما ابقى عايش مش شايف غير صورتك
لا وصوتى ياحبيبى ماينطقش الا اسمك

يعنى ايه كل اما اروح مكان اشوفك جنبى ؟
يعنى ايه حبك واخدلى قلبى وروحى وعقلى ؟
لاء وعمرى ما الاقى نفسى الا وانت في حضنى


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