Asala Nasri - Why Should I Respond? / أصالة نصري - أرد ليه؟

Asala Nasri - Why Should I Respond?

Why should I respond?
What you said was enough
So what would I say to you
What would I say?
I mean, what good does talking when it's time to say farewell do?

Don't say anything at all that's enough
This is the end of you and me
My love from the beginning was too much for you

When your heart is not mine
It must let me love again
You're forgetting what you did
Why did you say it?

What will you say to me?
Is there a word left that you still haven't said?
Get out of here it's over
My life with you was a waste

Asala Nasri - I Swear I Won't Challenge You / أصالة نصري - ولله ما تحدي

Asala Nasri - I Swear I Won't Challenge You

I swear I won't challenge you
Or say one day,
How could you live after me ?
Days will goes by
And soon you'll be used to the thought that I went away
I'm only disturbed by what I see when I look into your eyes
A look that says how hard it is for you
And it doesn't suit you so well

You should leave me and I'll accept that
Cause nobody ever died from loneliness
And its normal after all
Before you I lived alone

Asala Nasri - Normal / أصالة نصري - عادي

Asala Nasri - Normal

It's normal... for us to separate it's normal
It's normal... for us to be hurt it's normal
It's normal... for us to be forgotten it's normal
Pain is normal
Regret is normal
And torment is normal
Anything... nothing is strange

Even he whose love I was melting in
And saying in his absence that I have nothing to live for
The story took its time away
And everything left and ended

Eventually I'll see him like any other person
And less than normal

I didn't keep fearing the memories
That which is coming makes me forget that which passed
In the presence of my loved ones
Nothing remains, they have become estranged
Everything has become normal

Asala Nasri - Don't Worry / أصالة نصري - لا تخاف

Asala Nasri - Don't Worry

Don't worry about time
Time has no security
Fear the one who has all your security in his hands and hope for him
If your beloved is not faithful to you
If your beloved betrays you
What can you hope for from time?
The result is clear

We discover the bitter truth when the proper time comes
I told you don't act impulsively
You said: my love is will be preserved
So where is he who preserved your love?
I don't see him today
Your heart is your heart
Don't consider yourself guaranteed

Asala Nasri - You Wanna Go Away? / أصالة نصري - عايز تبعد

Asala Nasri - You Wanna Go Away?

You wanna go away?
Go away while you are good
Say goodbye to my heart with goodness
I am still your beloved
Don't see me as a stranger and don't forget the good

I tortured you
I estranged you
I'm the one who was curing
I'm the one who was healing

May you remember that I am your darling
I mean I was your darling
May you remember that I am yours
And that you're leaving for you own good
Maybe you need my heart or long for it to be close