Mesut Kurtis - Eidun Saeed ft. Maher Zain

Eidun Saeed - Lyrics:
كلمات أغنية "عيد سعيد":

يا من أتيت فزدت حبنا
(English Translation: O you who came and increased our love)

أسعدتنا و جمعت شملنا

(Made us happy and brought us together)

أنت هدية من الله لنا
(You are God's gift to us)

بعد انتظارنا لك طول السنة
(After we waited for you all year long)

فيك السرور و الهنا

(You bring joy and contentment)

حمدا لك يا ربنا
(Thank You Lord (for this blessing)

Eidun sa'eed (Happy Eid)
Let's enjoy this happy day
Eidun mubarak (Blessed Eid)
Come on let's celebrate!
Celebrate, let's celebrate
Allah, Allah
Thank You for this day!

Feeling so good, smiles and greetings everywhere
"Eidun mubarak" to everyone out there
Whole families they gather and celebrate
Today's the day so come on no time to waste
Sometimes the world takes us so far
Though miles apart, today you’re in my heart

Ilahi, ya Allah!
(My Lord, O Allah!)

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