Sherine Ahmed - You Didn't Drink from Its Nile / شيرين أحمد - ماشربتش من نيلها

Sherine Ahmed - You Didn't Drink from Its Nile

Our country is safe in our hands
We hold it high as long as we live
We live in it years and years feeling secure         

You did not drink from its Nile
Then you tried singing to it
You tried in pride
Don't be sad
You walk in its streets and complain to its
You did not walk in its suburbs fine
You did not grow up in it
And you don't have a picutre on the sand on its beaches

Look within yourself and you'll find it is friends and family of my country
And it would be hard to forget them
Maybe you forget because you in it and don't miss it
And you have never been away from it
But those who have tried to leave say there is nothing in the world like it

I was away longing for it
I forget the world and I come to it
And if I came it would remind me of a million memories that I carry in my heart
Our country is precious to us and will stay in our eyes as long as we love our country it will be in our hands
We are the ones who hold it high and preserve it in our hands
Most beautiful to us and our children no matter what

شيرين أحمد - ماشربتش من نيلها

بلدنا امانه فى ايدينا نعليها ما دام عايشيين نعيش فيها سنين وسنين واحنا مطمنين

ماشربتش من نيلها طب جربت تغنيلها جربت فى عز ما تحزن تمشي فى شوارعها وتشكيلها

ما مشيتش فى ضواحيها طيب ما كبرتش فيها ولا ليك صورة عا الرملة كانت عل الشط فى موانيها

دور جواك تلقاها هى الصحبه وهى الاهل عشرة بلدى بتبقي نسيانها عالبال مش سهل

يمكن ناسي لانك فيها مش وحشاك ولا غبت بس اللى مجرب وفارقها قال فى الدنيا ما فيش بعديها

ان غبت بحنلها وانسي الدنيا واجيلها وان جيت انسي تفكرنى الدنيا بذكرى القلب شايلها

غاليه بلدنا علينا وهتفضل فى عنينا ومدام بنحب بلدنا تبقي هتتغير بايدينا

احنا اللى نعليها بايدينا نخليها اجمل لينا ولولادنا مهما العمر يعدى علينا


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