Shereen Ahmed - You Never / شيرين أحمد - مفيش مرة

Shereen Ahmed - You Never

You never come to me and reassure me
Oh you who loves me
Why do your heart oppress me?
While I love you you keep me from you
This is talk
I need you to talk to me and understand me
How can your heart obey you
You are away from me while there is passion between us           

Ah my fire and my longing
I've remembered you while you forget me
My darling I suffer
And my eye has become nothing to you
You forget me and become selfish
And you're pleased with your injuries to me
You seem even better while I am nothing to you

شيرين أحمد - مفيش مرة

مفيش مرة تقرب لى تطمنى
يااللى حاببنى لية قلبك بيظلمنى
كا اما احبك منك بتحرمنى يبقى دا اسمة كلام
علشان خاطرى تكلمنى تفهمنى
عرفنى اية يا حبيبى حصل منى
ازاى يطاوعك قلبك تغيب عنى واحنا بينا غرام
اه يا نارى وحنينى افتكرتك وانت ناسينى
يا حبيبى على عينى اتعذب من نور عينى
هان عليك تنسانى وتبقى انانى
وترضى بجرحك فيا سهله لو من غيرك
كتر خيرك انا ما يهنش عليا

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