Hisham Abbas - Nari Narein / هشام عباس - ناري نارين

Hisham Abbas - My Fire is Two Fires

My fire is two fires
My fire is from her beauty
What has happened to my heart
In a glance she took me
In a moment we melted together
This darling of mine
The most beautiful words are in her eyes
She told me about love
I've fallen in love with her
What am I to do?
My fire is from the one who I am in
Ah her cheeks, her voice and her laugh
She drew me close
I adored her fire and her delicacy
My heart submitted to her before I even spoke to him
Oh how she's been on my mind and I've been drawing her in my imagination   

Hisham Abbas - Nari Narein

nary narain
nary min gamaalu
nary narain
alby eih garaalu?
min nazra khadny
fe lahza dobna 7na sawa
7abibi dah
agmal kalam fe 3yoonu
aalo 3ani 'lhawa.
7abibi dah.
7abbeetu wa3mel eih?
7abibi dah
nary meni 'll ana feeh
7abibi dah.
ah men khedoodu, Sootu, we de7ketu.
7abibi dah
arrabti mennu 3she2ti naaru we re22etu
7abibi dah
sallemto alby 7atta abli makallimu
7abibi dah
maho kan fe baly we fe khayaali barsimu
7abibi dah
Teri nazar ki mein ghulam,
Habibi Dah
Dil mera ab tera makaam.
Palbhar mein kargaya dilbar muj per kya jadoo,
Habibi Dah,
Bas mein toh kho bathey hoon khud per hi kaboo.
sallimto alby
7atta abli makallimu
7abibi dah
maho kan fe baly we fe khayaaly barsimu
7abibi dah


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