Asalah Nasri - Years Went By / أصالة نصري - مشيت سنين

Asalah Nasri - Years Went By

Years went by
While I covered up (my emotions) for them
And I remained for years
With my soul
In their hands

And never did I long for anything except their love
And never did I feel out of place for a moment with them

And throughout my life I've covered up for them
Fearing a single breath of air could hurt their eyes
But my regret, my regret, oh regret
They betrayed our close friendship and sold out our love
And forgot it in a moment

My heart and I are burning my soul, burning
It's been years and the loss has not been forgotten
I hid my tears, I hid my tears
Afraid they would see them
I surpressed the sigh of pain in my heart
Afraid they would hear it

أصالة نصري - مشيت سنين

مشيت سنين سنين سنين
وانا ادارى عليهم
وبقيت سنين سنين سنين
وانا روحى بإيديهم

ولا حنيت فيوم
الا لهواهم
ولا حسيت بالغربه لحظه معاهم

وطول عمرى بدارى عليهم بدارى عليهم
بخاف من النسمه لتجرح عينيهم

ولكن يا ندم يا ندم آه يا ندم
دول خانوا للعشره وباعوا للحب
ونسيوه فى لحظه

انا وقلبى يا روحى حراره يا روحى حراره
سنين ولا بننساه يا عينى خسارهانا
داريت الدمعتين داريت الدمعتين
خايفه ليشوفوها
كتمت الآه فى قلبى خايفه ليسمعوها


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