Tamer Hosni - Your Voice / تامر حسني - صوتك

Tamer Hosni - Your Voice

Why is your voice changing like this?
Is there someone next to you or what
That's it, I understand, I'll hang up
But before I hang up say hi to him for me            

And tell him he's paying attention to you
Just as I was worrying for you
And he's trying as much as he can
To protect to you and take care of you

Why did you do this to someone who loves you like this
His every crime was that he gave you everything he had
The most precious things he had
And in the end, his end is like this

Are you happy with the one next to you
Of course
He's so much like you and truly resembles you
Tomorrow he'll do to you like you did this

تامر حسني - صوتك

صوتك متغير كدا ليه
في حد جنبك ولا أية
خلاص فهمت وهأقفل
بس قبل ما أقفل سلميلي عليه

وقوليلو ياخد بالو منك
زى ما كنت أنا بخاف عليكي
ويحاول على قد ما يقدر
يحميكى و يحافظ عليكي

ليه عملتي كده مع واحد حبك كده
كان كل ذنبه انه اداكي كل ما عنده وخلاكي
اغلى ما عنده و في الاخر تبقى نهايته كده

فرحانة باللي جنبك طبعا ما هو زيك وشبهك فعلا
بكرا هيعمل فيكي زي ما عملتي كده


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