Tamer Hosni - Come Back to Me / تامر حسني - ارجعلي

Tamer Hosni - Come Back to Me

My darling my heart is hurting me
You are doing things to me
Are you casting a spell on me or what?
Everyone can forget and you forgot me
So why can't I forget you?           

Come back to me
My heart is with you
I can't forget your love my darling
Oh you beautiful angel
You're the soul of my soul

I have hope, every part of me hopes that I will see you again in my embrace
What to do, what to do
Come back to me again and take me in your arms

I'm weary without you
Listen to me and satisfy your conscience
If you can leave me like it's no big deal for another man I swear to God I'll die

Why are you silent, what are you going to do?
My soul is yours

Have you seen what's happened to me because of you?
Make me happy if for a day in my life

Where have our nights together gone and where is the joy that was in our eyes
When we were alone and melting in passion

تامر حسني - ارجعلي

حبيبي انا قلبي واجعني انت عامل فيه انت ساحرني والا ايه
ما كل الناس بتقدر تسنى تنسى طب انا مش قادر انساك ليه

ارجعلي انا قلبي معاك مش قادر انسى هواك يا حبيبي يا احلى ملاك يا روح الروح

عندي امل كلي امل اشوفك تاني في حصني
ايه العمل ايه العمل ارجعلي تاني وخدني

انا تعبان من غيرك اسمعني وراضي ضميرك لو عادي تسبني لغيرك انا والله اموت

ساكت هتعمل ايه يا مالك روحي و امري
شفت حصللي عشانك ايه فرحني لو يوم في عمري

فين ايام ليالينا والفرحة اللي في عنينا
لما بنكون لوحدينا وديبين في غرام


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