Yara - Sodfa / يارا - صدفة

صدفه ومن بين كل الناس علقني
من يوم شفته وعيني جات في عينه
حسيت شي في عيونه حيل يجذبني
لما ابتسم بانت بوجهي تلاوينه

سلم عليي وجلس جمبي وكلمني
كل الحواجز تلاشت بيني وبينه
اخذ ايديني بايديه وقام يوصفني
ولا تمنيت ايدي تترك ايدينه

قالي كلام بصراحه حلو دوخني
ماقد سمعت بحلاته اه يازينه
معاه احس الأغاني عنه وعني
واجمل اغاني الغزل شعري وتلحينه

Suddenly and in between everyone in the crowd, he captured me
From the day I met him and our eyes met
I felt something in his eyes that pulled me towards him
And everytime I smiled, my face changed and it showed

He said hello, sat next to me and talked to me
All walls crumbled between me and him
He took my hands in his and started describing me
And secretly I wished that he would not let go

He said honest words that made me dizzy,
Never have I heard those words oh so beautiful
With him I felt the songs were written for me and him
And the most beautiful ones were composed by him for me


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