Nawal al-Kuwaiti - The Days of Our Love / نوال الكويتي - أيام حبك

Nawal al-Kuwaiti - The Days of Our Love

Such wonderful days were the days of our love
You were coursing through my veins (literally, "you were spreading in my soul")
And I was loving you madly        

Your heart is hard, but my heart was in your heart

Where has the moment that brought us together gone?
Where is that wonderful place?
And where is that smile we shared, and the love and tenderness

You would overturn the entire universe if you were just a moment late
I lost you in an instant
You were worth more than the world to me/It's not worth living without you 

نوال الكويتي - أيام حبك

أيام حلوه كانت أيام حبك
كنت في روحي تسري كنت بجنون أحبك

قاسي القـلب لكـن كــان قلــبي بقــلبك

ويــن مـوعــــد جمعـــنا وين ذاك المكان
وضــحكــنا الي ضـــحكناه والوله والحنان

تقـلـــب الكــون كله لو تأخرت خــــــطوه
ضعـت مني بثــواني والله دنـيا ما تسوى


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