Alabina - Like You

Alabina - Like You

She had light coloured eyes and a velvet dress
Next to her mother and the family around
She is posing a little distracted in the soft Sun of the end of the day.
The photo is not good but we can see into it
The hapiness in person and the softness of an evening
She loved music specially Shuman and Mozart   

Like you
Like you I am looking softly
Like you who are dreaming about what
Like you

She went to the school of the down bellow village
She learnt the books she learnt the laws
She sang about the frogs and the princesses who sleep in the wood
She loved her doll she loved her friends
Specially Ruth and Anna and specially Jeremie
And they will marry one day maybe in Warsaw

Her name was Sarah she wasn’t quite 8
Her life it was softness dreams and white clouds
But other people had decided otherwise
She had your light coloured eyes and she was your age
She was a little girl uneventful life and very wise
But she is not born like you here and now


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